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Kristi Searle

Mother of two from Burlington, Connecticut

I am a mother just like you. Every time I watch the news and hear about another public shooting where innocent lives have been lost, my heart breaks. I cry when innocent children are taken from their parents simply by going to school.

Yet perhaps, like you, I continued living a “Code White” life, a state of happy oblivion where I was blissfully unaware of what was happening around me, shopping at Target without ever thinking, “What would I do if..?”

Then I read A Place to Hide and realized the need to be prepared for such situations.

This book gave me valuable insight and taught me the importance of situational awareness. It led to a change in my mindset, and now, I feel empowered and better equipped to protect myself and my children. I can make quick decisions that may save our lives.

A Place to Hide is well-written, practical, and informative. It provides step-by-step instructions on handling multiple real-life situations. It even taught me how to conduct quick safety audits that can be applied to any public place.

Unfortunately, public shootings are becoming more frequent, and it is crucial to be prepared. By reading A Place to Hide, I took a significant first step toward that goal. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to be equipped to react appropriately in such situations.

Matthew Everhard

Pastor of Gospel Fellowship Presbyterian Church (PCA)

I am so thankful that my friend Christian McShaffrey has written a short, clear work on a dark but important topic. This book is brief, helpful, and packed with vital information.

Though many readers might hesitate at the topic, I am going to ask my wife and daughter specifically to read this booklet as some of the information herein may save their lives.

As believers, we know that we live in a dangerous world. We see it in our Bibles, in our newspapers, and on our social media feeds. We don’t like to think about the possibility that something deadly might happen near us, but having crisp, clear information in our heads and hearts is powerful precaution we cannot ignore.

Not long ago, my mother took two of our daughters to the mall. Out of nowhere, shots were fired somewhere in the Mall. With nothing but instinct, all three scattered with no plan and in sheer terror. Thankfully they were able to regroup in the parking lot safely. With the information in this book, they might have been able to act more thoughtfully and intentionally in those terrifying moments.

Sadly, our culture is changing quickly and our cities are disintegrating before our eyes. Violent crime, dangerous immigration trends, and one public shooting after another seem to fill the headlines. McShaffrey’s book will help you and your loved ones to make crucial decisions no matter where the next dangerous outbreak takes place.

I will gladly recommend this short booklet to my congregants, YouTube viewers, and my own family members.

Kelly McShaffrey

Mother of six from Reedsburg, WI

Being married to the author of this book, I have had over twenty years to live with and learn from his uncommon way of thinking. I lost count of how many eye rolls I considered while as he was planning, in his head, yet another escape route for me and our children.

At times, I thought he was being a bit paranoid, but now I realize that his mind is simply one step (maybe even nine steps) ahead of everyone else’s when it comes to the safety of our family.

When Christian asked me to read the first couple chapters of his book, I wasn’t quite sure about it. But I was hooked after just a few pages. I kept asking, “Are you finished with the next chapter yet?”

As I already said, I know how my husband thinks, but I have to admit that before reading, A Place To Hide, I was unaware of many things the book discusses.

Being a busy mom to several children, I usually ran my various daily errands in complete oblivion to potential danger around me. But no more! Now a trip to our local beach, peaceful as it always is, will have me setting up our towels a little closer to places to run and hide. I have this book, and of course my husband, to thank for that.

A Place To Hide is a must read for anyone, whether you are a single mom, a college student, grandma, or like me, a mother of six. The book is an eye opening experience. You will never again think too lightly about your situational awareness and where you might go if a situation turns “Code Red.”

This book will give you the mental tools you need, so that you too are always nine steps ahead toward a safer place.


Kia (and others) offer a review.

Exploring diverse subjects through unique books always captivates me, and this time, I’ve delved into Christian’s gripping tone, “A Place To Hide: Equipping Ordinary Moms To Survive A Public Shooting.” Prepare to be enthralled from cover to cover.

The insights within this book are not only astonishing but also crucial for navigating the perilous landscape of a public shooting. Through universally applicable survival principles, readers gain invaluable awareness of how to react in unforeseen circumstances. The practical section is especially enlightening, offering actionable strategies for survival.

From Walmarts to schools, movie theaters to parades, the author meticulously examines various scenarios, emphasizing the urgency for all individuals to cultivate situational awareness and implement specific strategies to safeguard themselves and their loved ones during public shooting events.

Enthusiasts of self-defense literature will find this book an indispensable addition to their collection. With its clear, accessible language, it’s a must-read for any mom looking to bolster their preparedness. Don’t hesitate—this well-crafted guide is a game-changer.

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What Others Are Saying

The greatest defensive skill is awareness. McShaffrey’s book is a must read for everyone, whether they choose to be armed or not. The best fight is the one we avoid.

Jim Wilson (Former Texas Sheriff, Contributor to Shooting Illustrated)


A Place to Hide provides the mindset needed to respond appropriately instead of freezing, since preparedness results in clearer thinking when you find yourself in such a dangerous situation.

Beth Warford (Founder and Owner, Pretty Loaded)


Mindset is the foundation of self-defense. This book is a great read on situational awareness, and the deep dive on threat assessment is spot on. Always have a plan to get out!

Aimee Grant (Firearms Instructor, Field Editor, and Contributor to American Handgunner)


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